CraigI’m a freelance editor and pilot.

I’ve worked as a journalist for 25 years, including longish stints as a reporter at The Telegraph-Journal, The Toronto Sun, where I covered the Raptors and the NBA, the Financial Post (back when it was owned by the Sun chain) and The Globe and Mail, where I was an associate editor, front-page editor for a summer on a fill-in basis, and deputy sports editor. I’ve covered two summer Olympics (Barcelona and Sydney), several Stanley Cup finals and Grey Cups, two World Series and more NBA finals than I care to remember.

Flying? My first logbook entry was Oct. 20, 1991, which means I’ve been a driver for nearly as long as I’ve committed journalism.

Previous aviating stops include a year in East Africa flying a Cessna 402 and afterward, time with a major Canadian airline as a flight attendant and a busy northern charter operator as a dispatcher and fueller.

I’m commercially licenced, with a multi-IFR rating. My current aviation gig is flying for the world’s most gentlemanly aerial photographer.

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to hearing from you. Happy landings.

Craig Daniels

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