Compass-538x354For most, an airplane is simple conveyance, a necessary utility to get to a desired place. It’s a seat in a person’s living room while they’re watching TV, reading a book or having a coffee, one that happens to disgorge them in a new geographical location a matter of hours later. It is entirely inconsequential except when needed.

For a small cadre of others it’s a something different.

For others an airplane is of ultimate consequence, a thing to be respected, doted upon, fawned over, because it is a thing of possibility. Even though of the physical world, made of hard and tangible alloy, wire and composite, it is also alchemy. It is the physical world, and physics, somehow speaking to imagination. It is a conversation with a friend that has to stop briefly while wheels gently touch the ground, or a thundering takeoff roll commences. is a spanking new forum combining two lifelong habits, journalism and aviation, into what I hope will become a robust and informative place to tackle aviation issues.

News. Stories. Trends. Tall tales. Our hangar is large. Feedback is welcome. Given this blog originates within the burgh of Kitchener, Ontario (CYKF) – 7,000 feet of paved runway, nice restaurant, scheduled service to Chicago and Calgary — Canadian issues will be at the fore, but not exclusively so.

I hope you enjoy.