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A site that’s outta sight

theflyingpinto-logoOne of the best, if not the best, flight attendant blog I’ve come across so far belongs to Sara Keagle, who flies for a major U.S. airline.

Sara’s site is called The Flying Pinto, and it’s a veritable traveller’s Swiss Army Knife: Great stories, links to great travel gear (with discount coupons), a weekly podcast for FAs and would-be FAs, and can’t-miss tips for travelling and travelling with kids. The site is smart, upbeat and well worth the visit. You can also find Sara on Twitter @theflyingpinto.

Sara last week penned a terrific piece on Huffington Post about why being a flight attendant is a great job. She presents seven reasons, all of them spot on. In fact, as I read, I started to have little pangs about my former life in the cabin with WestJet. As I mentioned in a couple of  posts last week, being a flight attendant is full of very real challenges and it wasn’t for me, but there was, without question, big upside to FA life, and Sara hits them all.

Anyway. Visit TheFlyingPinto.com. Your day will be better.